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Contemporary society has every day with more frequency and intensity, approached the people speaking English, making it as a communication link and universal interaction. 
To provide to you, students of the Basic Education I, the interaction in different linguistic and cultural communities, either through technology tools, music, film, or through the classroom, the authors developed this Happy Journey collection offering a material interactive, dynamic and engaging, with which you will learn "playing"! 
The books that make up the Happy Journey collection are easy for you, parents or guardians who observe and guide the process of teaching and learning of their children understand and follow, offering recreational activities that can be performed with interaction of the whole family, strengthening emotional ties! 
And to you, teacher, the five books of the collection have activities that will certainly facilitate their performance in the classroom, allowing its students contextualize with dynamic interaction that the globalized world requires, through dialogues, written activities, songs and fun games and to develop the skills and competencies that the English language should give opportunity. 
Happy Journey want that the learning of the English language to be, from the first years of school, one really HAPPY JOURNEY! 


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Happy Journey Book 1

Cód. 6402

AUTOR: Dalcimary Aparecida Pavani

FORMATO: 210 x 280 mm

ISBN: 978-85-371-0454-5

152 páginas

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